DADspirations Review and Father’s Day {Giveaway}

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Let me start by saying that I LOVED doing this review. I love to read and when I pick up something that I just can’t put down, I get excited and have to recommend it to everyone I see.
Pete Densmore’s book, DADspirations: The 1st 100 Days of Fatherhood was one of those books. (Seriously read it cover to cover in one sitting!). This book is full of tips for new dads and daddy-to-be’s. 
So will you be a Super-Dad, or a Super-Dud? Densmore’s book also contains different activities, for Dad, Mom, and Baby during those first 100 days–the days that we know can be the most stressful if you let them.
This book is written for dads, but as a mom and expecting mom, I also had a blast reading it. The book is written as a conversation, not a how-to book, and Densmore does a fabulous job of incorporating the perfect amount of humor in with the serious moments of being a new dad. I can’t wait to pass this book on to my husband as we await the arrival of our second daughter.
I loved the different activities for dad and baby that are in the book and I have to admit, if my husband doesn’t take advantage of them, mommy will! Pete Densmore wants to help you ensure that the first 100 days of your baby’s life don’t become a fuzzy memory, but something you will always cherish and never forget.
From bonding with baby, to keeping Mom and Dad’s sanity, this book covers it all. I am no longer stuck on gifts for our friends that are about to be a dad again or for this first time–this book will be it! This book will make an awesome gift for ANY dad–even if it’s past the first 100 days, it’s not too late for the activities and tips in this book.

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