What Are the Risks for Surrogate Mothers?

Life is full of stories, mysteries, challenges and above all experiences. I have seen a lot, couples marrying. What a good feeling, the feeling of knowing someone and choosing to settle with that person. The beauty of the love developing into a child. A child brings joy to the family but there can also be heartache in surrogacy. A child flavors the marriage, the bond between the parents gets strong and unshaken. The child makes them have a second thing in common; love.

However, sometimes the plot of life is not the same. The couple might not be able to get a child of their own. A husband or wife could be experiencing sexual complications. But this life journey started has to continue. One of the solutions is a consideration of surrogacy. Some people do it, out of love or for the money. But what price do people pay for such a choice?

Risks to expect as a surrogate mother

There are different effects of being part of this practice. Are they painful, are they good or bad? The risks are many, they are important in helping anyone that wants to be involved in to make their choices. Risks are namely:

  •  – Physicals Risks
  •  – Medical Risks
  •  – Relations risks
  •  – Personal Life Risks

Not everyone is prone to these risks but being ready in case of any of them is imperative. Being aware is your right so that when you decide to take this sacrifice for a fellow mother, you are psychological, spiritually and physically prepared for the impending dangers.

Physical Risks of Surrogacy

Being a surrogate means you will carry the other woman’s egg for fertilization by another man or through artificial insemination. (Being injected with the sperm cells of the other woman’s husband). An Egg Donor and Surrogate Institute can definitely help with this process. This process actually means you will go through what any pregnant woman goes through. Be ready for a number of situations, for example:

  •  – Swelling of feet, tummy, skin
  •  – Experience increased urination
  •  – Morning sickness
  •  – Outright fatigue
  •  – Body aches

Other complications include developing premature birth and diabetes as a result of gestation. Frequent visits to a physician should help with such situations.

Medical Risks of Being a Surrogate Mother

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is common in the practice of surrogacy. This is whereby the male and female birth involved cells; sperms and the ova are manually extracted and combined in a lab for fertilization. This process can lead to bruises, allergy stimulations and emotional influxes due to hormonal reactions. IVF can result to:

  • – Massive Bleeding

– Birth-Related Infections.

– Multiple Births

Surrogate Mothers Face Relationship Risks

The choice of surrogacy is surrounded by lots of emotions. Family, friends, employers, the ones you are actually doing it for are hugely into this. Do not be surprised that at the end of it all many people might actually never face again. Talk to all the people involved, make your case before getting on with it. You do not lose important people in your life if this will hugely affect your future.

I advise:

  •  – Weigh your options: why you are doing this
  • –  Consult: leaders, the church, parents, confidants
  • –  Decide

Being a Surrogate Mother Can Affect Your Job

If you just started a business, I advise you have someone handle it for you. Surrogacy might mean quitting to care for the pregnancy and even the child. If you are employed seek a medical leave; a maternity leave, just anything that will ensure you will have something to back to after this procedure.

All these are what to expect. The list goes on and one. Make peace with them first as you decide on the choice of being a surrogate mother.


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