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I am absolutely in love with the idea behind DaddyScrubs and I was so excited to be able to do a review and introduce this product to all of you!

DaddyScrubs were created to provide comfortable attire for the dad to be in the delivery room. Everyone thinks about Mom & baby, but often no one thinks about Dad on delivery day and it’s a huge day for them too!

When I told my husband about DaddyScrubs, he was excited as well. He was just as enthusiastic as I was about having something just for him at Cate’s delivery.

When it comes to expectant father gifts, DaddyScrubs has everything. The scrubs are their signature product, but they also have tees, hoodies, hats, and so much more. You can check out the full DaddyScrubs line by visiting their website HERE.
My husband received a pair of the Classic Scrubs in Edgy Navy to conduct a product review. These would make awesome new dad gifts. My husband is excited to wear them at the hospital when Cate comes, but he has also discovered that they are great for lounging around the house and make excellent pajamas.

My husband is very tall and often has trouble finding things that fit him right, but these fit him perfect and he really liked that. He also loved that they are not heavy and he said they were very comfortable. He is very excited to have something to wear at the hospital that he will be comfortable (who wants to be in jeans or WHATEVER clothes you may be in when mom goes into labor?).

I have never seen daddy to be gifts as unique as the ones that DaddyScrubs offers. Not only are they comfortable for my husband, but I can already envision the delivery room photos with my husband in his “I’m the Daddy” scrubs and how cute those pictures will be.

Brent & I definitely recommend DaddyScrubs for expectant dad gifts–comfortable, cute, and unique! Plus it’s not a one time gift–like I mentioned earlier, Brent discovered they are great for lounging around and pajamas!

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