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Understanding the medicinal world especially relating to pregnancy may be quite confusing, especially if it is something that you haven’t thought about on your own before. For a complete explanation by professionals, you can head to eggdonorandsurrogacy.com. Fertilization is generally known as conception or when a sperm and egg unite as one.

Pregnancy actually begins with gestation, not with conception. Nowadays with so much medical and technological advancements and progress, gestational surrogacy is not a surprise – people are able to become parents where they weren’t able to do so before.

Fertilization and Gestation Conception or Fertilization is defined as the beginning of any normal pregnancy, which starts as a result of a union of the sperm and the ovum. This is often known as the ‘fertilization’. It also marks the commencement of the development of the new individual. All of this occurs inside the mother’s womb.

Gestation is defined as the carrying of the embryo, within the uterus of the mother.

Fertilization Surrogacy  

In these cases of fertilization surrogacy, the women or surrogates get artificially inseminated. This is done by the donor sperms of intended fathers. A surrogate mother has to carry and deliver the baby and does not have any rights to the baby. A surrogate is a child’s biological mother in some cases but is often using a donated egg as well. She is just acting as the person to carry the baby. In some cases, the surrogate’s egg is used as well, but this is increasingly rare – this is called fertilization surrogacy.

Gestational Surrogacy  

In today’s time, gestational surrogacy takes place more often. Here a woman carries a baby, which was conceived by using an egg of an intended mother, and the sperm of an intended father. Any gestational surrogate has literally no type of genetic connection with the baby.

Difference Between Fertilization Surrogacy and Gestational Surrogacy  

There are certain differences between the Fertilization Surrogacy and Gestational Surrogacy and these are listed below.  A Fertilization Surrogacy is done with just a sperm donor. The surrogate herself uses her eggs.

On the other hand, a Gestational Surrogacy is done with both eggs as well as a sperm donor. In Fertilization Surrogacy, the surrogate is genetically linked with the baby and is the baby’s biological mother. But in Gestational Surrogacy, the intended parents are the biological parents.

Gestational Surrogacy is more preferred today than the Fertilization Surrogacy. This is because, in the Fertilization Surrogacy, the surrogate is not genetically connected with the baby.     Fertilization Surrogacy is advantageous for gay couples. While the straight couples usually prefer Gestational Surrogacy.

The requirements of the surrogate mother are as follows:

  •          – No legal regulation is there against surrogacy
  •         – The surrogate mothers must be of 21 years of age in the least
  •         –  She must have had one child previously. This is because she has to understand the importance of pregnancy as well as childbirth.
  •         – The surrogate mother has to be very healthy, both physically and also mentally
  •         – The surrogates always have to pass a physical and psychological screening, which is monitored and checked by experienced professionals

With surrogacy, nowadays anybody can have children. Surrogacy is costly but extremely effective. Any childless couple or gay couples or single parents can have babies with surrogacy. There are many commercial and professional surrogates.

They professionally carry babies. Majority of the surrogates can be found with the help of surrogacy agencies. Most of the intended parents go to surrogacy agencies as these types of agencies can arrange the gestational surrogacy.

The agencies conduct the process by keeping the surrogates and the parents in touch. This is a significant procedure, which is a blessing to the childless couples.

Fertilization and gestational surrogacy are both options for people who want to become parents and cannot do it on their own – for whatever reasons.

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