US States That Have No Surrogacy Legislation

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Surrogacy is an issue that continues to bring debates among many people today. The laws on surrogacy vary greatly depending on the country, the relationship status of the people involved and even the sexual orientation of the involved couple. Maybe you wonder how to become a surrogate in Mn or in Tx or in the other states especially if we will talk about the laws of each states. This is the reason why it is important that the couple and surrogate mother seek legal advice before they embark on the process.

The most important steps of the process are ensuring that the surrogacy agreement is executed and that the surrogate mother agrees for the parents of the baby to be written in the birth certificate. It is also important to ensure that legal representation is maintained throughout the process so that all requirements and laws are understood by all parties involved.

US states that have no surrogacy legislation

The US is one of the places where surrogacy is very common among many peoples. Even though there are states that have clear-cut legislation in favor or against surrogacy, there are those that have no legislation concerning the issue. Here are some of the US states that have no surrogacy legislation;

  •  Alaska

This is one of the states in US where there is no law concerning surrogacy. However, the courts are generally very favorable to couples looking to have children through surrogacy. In the year 1989, the Supreme Court of Alaska ruled that surrogacy was equal to adoption.

  •  Arkansas

The law in this state is also favorable to surrogacy. The statutes involved state that surrogacy agreements are dimmed valid. There is a detail of the types of parentage situations that are likely to get the most favorable judgment. The two cases that are likely to get the best ruling; parents using their own egg and sperm, and single parents.

  •  Illinois

There is a statute that favors gestational surrogacy. The whole process of forming the contract to issuing birth certificates. This statute however mostly applies to heterosexual couples and also single parents that have furnished their sexual gametes.

  •  New Hampshire

In this state, there is no law that restricts any person from being a parent through surrogacy. The requirements for the minimum standards for gestational carriers. Some of the laws include that the mother should have a minimum of 21 years and they should have had given birth at least once before. There are also other requirements that should be met so that surrogacy goes smoothly.

  •  Pennsylvania

There are no laws concerning surrogacy, even though there are conservative judges that can deny parents from having children through surrogacy.

  •  Rhode Island

In this state, there is also no law concerning surrogacy. However, all petitions are herd in the Family Court by the Chief Judge. This way, there is consistency in the rulings that are made concerning surrogacy.

Surrogacy may be a grey area in many countries. While there are countries that do not accept surrogacy there are those that allow surrogacy. There are also some countries where there are no laws concerning surrogacy. In the US, there are states that allow surrogacy and there are others that do not. The list above gives just a few of the states that have no laws regarding surrogacy.


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