The Donkey Who Carried a King {Review}

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The Donkey Who Carried a King. Sproul is a beautifully illustrated children’s book telling the story of Davey, the donkey who carried Jesus into Jerusalem. Chuck Groenink is the illustrator.
The books starts out with a little boy who is upset because he continues to be chosen last in games with his friends; something that many children will do at some point. His grandpa tells him the story of “the donkey who carried a king” as a way to comfort him and teach him a lesson.
My first thought was that this book would be a lesson in patience and teaching children that being last isn’t always a bad thing. It does teach that, but it also incorporates a beautiful lesson in humility.
The Donkey Who Carried a King tells of three different stories in the Bible involving donkeys. I love that it incorporated different stories and provided even more of a learning experience for my child as we read it.
Davey is a donkey who doesn’t just get chosen last; he doesn’t get chosen at all. Until one day some men come by needing a donkey to carry Jesus. Davey is finally chosen to do something.
As Davey carries Jesus into Jerusalem, he realizes that he is not carrying just anyone, but a king. Davey is so proud that he was chosen to carry a king that he does not understand why he should have to do other odd jobs for his master.
When he sees Jesus carrying the cross, Davey learns a lesson in humility through the Gospel message. The Gospel message being included at the end of the story was one of my favorite features because I feel that my child cannot hear that enough. The book also presents it in a way that a child can easily understand.
The little boy in the story learns the importance of patience, humility, and being thankful.
Audrey and I loved this book. Its illustrations add to the story perfectly. I definitely see this being a book that we read again and again.

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